Monday, March 28, 2011

oh boy

Oh boy -

We start editing the 4th tango album next week. I can no longer tie my shoes...solution? Yes, I am a mom, I have one. Just buy shoes that you slip on; but that does not create that much extra time. I couldn't tie my shoes before I started working, and now, I still cant, but at least I have solved one daily problem. No shoe laces. Everything is easier.

I dont know how I will be ready.

Miss thing is a sweetie. She still hangs by her fingertips, climbs on chairs, swings by her fingertips from the back of her brother's chair, but she is a sweetie. She hasnt had a big crying jag for a while. She doesnt like mitch much yet, but she likes him more each day. She is really enjoying her two classes and getting to know the people there. She sure is social. She loves Little Wonders baby school and MyGym and her friend Stella who goes there. I cant keep all the names straight, but I just put one foot in front of the other and keep on walking.

She doesnt sleep as much as E, so the work is much harder to squeeze into the space and then I have a second to worry about. He is big, but he does need attention. AKK!

Being a mom and trying to work as a musician is a strange combo. I only work part time but she freaks out if I am out late at a gig. I have been gigging less, but that might actually make it harder. Oh well. One day at a time, right?

Now, to stop procrastinating. At least the washer and drying are supposed to be fixed. I WILL never buy a major appliance at Lowes again.

that's all for now


ejmargrave said...

Mine is climbing a lot too -- I can relate to the craziness of part time working and part time mothering -- so hard. But I only have one so it doesn't really compare. :) It'd be fun to have them meet and play some time. I'll be up visiting my mom in July perhaps -- maybe we can get together! :)

Catharine said...

so cool! It would be great to get the girls together. When is Haley's birthday? January?