Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kindergarten Boy

I have a boy who is in Kindergarten.

Hard to believe, but it is true. It feels like just days ago that we traveled to bring him home and we were met at the airport by all our friends. We went home and had a big party, (he passed right out) with food brought in from Mom is Cooking, a departed Mexican Restaurant in SF. We couldn't believe he was going to stay, but that is how adoption works, the wild creation of a forever family.

Our hearts still are so big for him. Our dog was overwhelmed, and at times, so was I. The first child is so surprising, the intensity, the love. the lack of sleep! How long the first year takes and yet how quickly the time goes by. The crazy feeling when you have to take clothes out of rotation, because, suddenly they don't fit. How they grow, literally, over night.

Now, he is a big brother. And such a mensh about it, most days. He loves his sister and now that I am not telling him no all day long, he is doing really well with it. Walking the dog is still hard in the afternoon for him, but...

The theme at school is detectives and he is eating it up. He loves the things he is interested in with such passion. I feel so lucky to have him in my life.

Miss B just busted out of her diapers and into the next size, again. She is on the move, crawling, standing, walking with your fingers on her hands, talking. This morning, I really think I heard her say brother for Eli and mama for me, but lets hear the repetition....but it really, really sounded like that. She talks a TON, mostly just sentence sounds. The big news is that her head circumference went from the 5% to the 75%! WHOO-HOOO. Big news.

And now, how to figure out how to go back to work part time, keep the marriage on track and get some sleep, but it is the first few months. A deep breath, please.

maybe another.....

Friday, September 3, 2010

No performance tonight

Ok, there was never a performance tonight, but tomorrow was a party for our family.

We canceled it due to stomach flu. Which now two children have, or E, who is 6 tomorrow, and Dash who is visiting from the northwest and 13. D has always been one of my favorites, so i am so very sorry the two of them got sick. Exploratorium - a petri dish of love two days before the labor day weekend.

Now, the birthday boy has bounced a bit like toast. The big boy is still very sick. The baby is sleeping as I write this and woke up with a big smile on her face at 6 am or so. So dont love 6 am.

Everyday, throughout the day, I will often think of things I want to post about, then the time comes, the baby and the boy are asleep, the dog is walked, the DH is either working, watching TV or sleeping, and I get my computer out and look at stuff in my inbox, wondering what I have forgotten to finish, and my mind goes blank. Tired mom brain.

Miss B is really moving and growing. The most exciting news is at her 9 month check up, her head circumference is in the 75 %! YEAH! The doctor was really excited and thus, so am I. Her height is up to 25% and her weight is not to be I actually have forgotten if the doc said 60 or 90%. She did say we probably dont know her true % as of yet, they are still balancing out. YEAH!

She crawls, she stands, she babbles and perhaps talks, hard to say. She babbles in response to things, usually babble sentences, sometimes actual sentences, but the men debate it. Andrea just repeats what she says. E said, what, do you speak baby? Andrea and I often understand her. DH thinks we are nuts. She is very happy and very, very busy.

More pictures soon.

Two more survivors went down in the "try to beat the stomach virus" weekend....last night, the dear baby from Portland tossed his cookies all over the kitchen. He was in a backpack, so also in the line of fire was his mother, Sheri and the kitchen floor. It was spectacular. I joined the ranks about two hours later. Now, they have fled for home (okay their tickets were set, but I do hope they return, someday!) and started in on thinking about what might come next.

What was supposed to happen so didn't, it is funny. Huge weekend, lots of plans, none of which happened, but instead, we hung out, watch the kids play, said goodbye to friends, so suddenly, and wait for September to begin it's thing.

Here's to a great year.