Wednesday, July 28, 2010

8 days a week

Rumsey is snoring. In our new house, the floor must be cold, cause Rumsey has decided he needs to sleep in the family bed. Great. Between one large standard poodle, and almost 6 year old, my dear husband, there is so little room for me or the baby. I guess we could use another bed. Someday, E will sleep in his new bunk bed all night. And guilt about not bringing the baby in for the whole night is an entirely different post.

Today is Zeno day. The day Zeno was born. He died sometime before the 26 of July and was born on the morning of the 28. 41 weeks he was with us. Rumsey was a puppy. A happy puppy at the time; we knew his life was going to change, but not the way it did. He tried so hard to take care of us, such a big job for a young dog. He still tries, which wears him out. He is so very good to us. He isnt very friendly to lots of people, but he cares so much for us, he just doesnt have room.

It's funny to miss Zeno this year with Lulu home, our house just unpacked some more, and crammed into shape for MDH's family to arrive. I have to remember that people's hearts are large, they just crack open to let more love in if you let them; loving E and B doesnt mean we dont love Zeno, our boy who didnt come home. Sometimes it hurts, even 8 years later. At least it doesn't hurt every single day, all day long. How does one remember, every day is a gift?

this is what 8 years is like.

(Now, they are all snoring. Okay, Rumsey stopped, but MDH, E and B. Enough. Maybe I should go sleep in the new bunk bed.)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

random thoughts & pictures from the past....

It is late. I played a sweet little show in SF at a bookstore. They have gotten grants to underwrite their music series and it is wonderful to play for a darling audience while surrounded by books. I played between the jazz record section and the travel section. Feels like a nice place to be.

And then we had some friends over from Ethiopia and they brought wonderful Ethiopian food. the boys played in the pool, and we ate and enjoyed our new house. What a treat. B loved everyone. I was late, cause of the gig, but it worked out.

I cant find the cord to download pictures. Great. Having a baby makes it impossible to finish any task, or so it seems to me. But she is so worth it.

I am going to post some random pictures from our Ethiopia trip and a few of B, since I cant find the cord. I also went back and posted some pictures to go with my old posts, but I feel as if I have so little time, and back to that, I feel as if I can never finish a task.

This one is a picture of B and her friend, warming in the sun for their 20 minutes of morning sun a day. Important for babies with brown skin. I guess it is now recommended for all children. B got mad at one point when her friend didnt smile and notice her.

MDH got printer ink today. YEAH! I deposited half the checks last week. The garage is suddenly a mess. I want so badly to empty it out, but both DH and I cant imagine getting that done. E has circus camp this week and i hope it is a blast.

here are the pics