Monday, June 25, 2012

What the.....

Today has been so darn mercury retrograde.

Couldnt sign in to my blog, because it has been so long since I signed in. Then couldnt find the dashboard without sending a message and then figuring it out on my own. The myspace page is out of date, the facebook band page likes to take over as my personal page, I hate the &^%&^% new look, the band website hasnt been updated in months, the new website needs content, which I never have any time to create, my phone cant receive my email because my email goes through my i care about any of this? yes, but only to say it is making me insane. Everyone else can get their email on their phone without having to find out obscure codes in Russian.

okay, so it isnt Russian, but whatever. Guess what - i have a new band website, thanks to the band website guy, Jack,  and I tonight, I finally figured out how to get back into my blog.

Guess what, adoptive parenting of a 2 year old from Ethiopia has gotten in the way of blogging about being an adoptive parent.

No shit, Sherlock.

Okay, swearing on my blog is a new low. Oh well.

now it is months later, I got on the blog, I looked at the old post and couldnt deal....

I had written a huge post on B being stressed by her first 6 months of life in an orphanage and what it looked like and what we were doing about it. I saved it, but decided not to post it. Not now.

It's her story, should i post it? It might help others with kids on a similar journey, but I cant really decide right now.The best solution we have found so far is Reflex Integration, a massage technique that you learn and do with your child. She loves it. I love it. Look it up, it works.

Why, i ask myself?

My dear husband is starting a new blog to follow his journey into the uncharted territory that our family is now going. He has a tumor in his head and they are taking it out in two days. Brain surgery as a good idea; what a concept.

Pre-op tomorrow, then the big day after that.

And fighting with my settings trying to make my accounts talk. This is crazy.

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